Press Release - 12.20.2019

For Immediate Release:

A premier tournament operator in multiple regions throughout the country, Five Tool Showcases is set to begin offering below high school age youth baseball tournaments in 2020.

Originally established in 2013 through a collaborative effort with college coaches and select baseball clubs, Five Tool has established events that provide quality competition at quality venues. Our goal has always been to provide events that allow the players to showcase their abilities in a manner that is friendly to the college recruiters and professional scouts while maintaining fiscal responsibility to the clubs and participants by minimizing travel expenses.

Five Tool Youth will extend this foundation to the younger ages with a best in class path to preparing young and developing players for the next level. We strive to provide the right competition level to maximize player development. The correct competition level creates the best environment for player development and assists in the acceleration of a player’s skills. Ultimately, each season should be a building block to the next with the end goal of being prepared for high school baseball.

Player safety and arm care will be paramount to the foundation of Five Tool Youth events. Five Tool’s success as a premier high school baseball tournament showcase operator has created outstanding partnerships. The collaboration with the top clubs has created feedback in regards to what is needed in youth baseball. Player health, development and overall family experience were the common concerns of the current youth baseball landscape. Five Tool Youth will strategically address each issue to ensure that clubs, players and families get the most out of the youth baseball experience. Further, we will focus on high quality events versus the current culture of quantity of events. This will allow Five Tool Youth to better promote a balance of quality family time while also playing the correct level of competition to ensure that player development is maximized. Our unique tournament format increases the number of meaningful games. Championship games will not be scheduled to begin after 6:00 PM. The discretionary banning of teams will not exist within Five Tool Youth. We encourage each club to shop and compare amongst sanctioning bodies and make the determination what is best for the development of their players. Ultimately, the development of young players should be the goal of all associated with youth baseball. It’s about the kids, not the adults.

Every athlete competing in the Five Tool Youth program will have the ability to create their own player profile that will measure and track their progress year over year through high school. This is accomplished by having an independent, live scorekeeper monitoring pitch counts and providing the well-known Five Tool social media support and player promotion.

We are excited about this new venture and looking forward to hosting you in the coming Five Tool Youth inaugural 2020 season.

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